5 Signs Your Broker Is NOT a Bad Guy

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Selling or buying a house is a significant decision that people make in life. It comes with high pressure and budget knowledge. Some people even use their life savings to buy property. Therefore, it becomes critical to ensure you are making the right decision.

Choosing a real estate broker is one of the most important decisions you will need to make. The real estate is flooded with many people claiming to be professional real estate brokers. Therefore, you need to be cautious when making your choice. Some red flags will tell you that the person you are working with is not the right one. However, if you see the following signs, you are working with a reputable broker in Vancouver.

The Broker Is Available And Responsive

The whole point of working with a broker is to get help whenever you need it. Even though you are not expected to be in touch with them 24/7, they should be available when you need them. For example, if you need help getting a home equity loan, the person you hire as the broker should be there to guide you through the process. Having an available agent could mean a lot between getting the best property and buying whatever is available.

They Listen To You

You may have opinions and concerns about the whole process, and you need someone to listen. Your broker is great if they are open with their agendas. The person should listen to you and allow you to ask questions. For example, they should explain the timeframe for buying the property and detailed information about the property you are about to buy.

It is also good to let the broker know what to expect from them and the kind of property you want. Refusing to hold such conversations with you only means they are giving inadequate services. So, you will know a good broker if they listen to you.

Brokerage Is Their Full-time Job

Another way you can know you have a good broker is if they do brokerage as a full-time job. A new broker may be trying new ventures, which means they may juggle jobs and responsibilities. However, expect some disappointments with a part-time broker. They lack the experience, time, and patience to provide the best services to you. A great broker is fully committed to the job. If you need a second mortgage, the broker has the experience and time to take you through the options.

They Have Vast Knowledge Of The Market

A part-time real estate broker does not have ample knowledge of the market. That means they cannot compile accurate and reliable data to help you find the best deals. So, you will know a good broker if they are well-equipped with market knowledge. They will help you learn what an alternative mortgage is and how to get one.

They Can Handle High-Pressure Sales

If you are comfortable working with the broker, they suit you. This also counts for the times when there will be high pressure on their side. Whether you want to get a mortgage for self-employed or buy a house in high demand, the broker should not come up with simpler alternatives with the fear of facing the pressure. They should not be pushy with transactions for their gains.


These are simple things that tell your broker is a great guy. Avoid brokers who are pushy and have little knowledge of the real estate market.

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