5 Tips to Promote Your Accountancy Firm in 2022

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Promoting your Accountancy Firm

As an accountancy firm, it’s important to boost brand awareness, showcase your credibility and build trust among clients – and that’s where digital marketing for accountants comes into play. The right strategy will help to grow your business. So here are five tips to promote your accountancy firm in 2022.

#1 Optimise Your Website

Google’s job is to present the most relevant content for a specific search query. So, it’s really important to optimise your website with the right keywords. In fact, when it comes to SEO services for accountants, there’s a huge focus on research and using relevant keyword phrases. While keyword cramming is a no-no, you can place important words in URLs, headers and links to show Google that your page is appropriate for certain searches.

#2 Optimise for Featured Snippets

Another great way to promote your accountancy firm in 2022 is to optimise for Featured Snippets. Otherwise known as Position 0, these appear before the other organic results and will make your brand highly visible. In fact, research suggests that a Featured Snippet gets approximately eight percent of all clicks, which could mean a considerable boost in traffic. Featured Snippets usually pull in answers to questions. So try breaking down your content into FAQs, using keyword research and common user search queries to guide you.

#3 Focus on Local SEO

As an accountancy firm, it’s a good idea to build up a strong following in your local area as this could lead to reliable repeat business. A local SEO strategy will help you to achieve this. Start by claiming and optimising your Google Business Profile, making sure all information is correct. This will help you to appear for local searches. You can also create location-specific service pages. Highlight your geography by using terms such as ‘accountants in [location]’, as ‘near me’ searches are popular.

#4 Get Blogging

Accountancy is a competitive industry. But a regular blogging strategy can help showcase your industry knowledge, boost brand awareness and improve your credibility. Google loves fresh content, so weekly posts are a great idea. You can also create teaser content for new products, locations and services which can be easily shared to social media. If you’re looking to delve into a topic in detail, long-form articles are popular on LinkedIn and provide plenty of keyword opportunities. They can also improve your linking strategy, as quality sites love to reference high-quality content, especially if you’ve conducted research they don’t have time to do.

#5 Be Socially Active

Social media is a great tool for accountancy firms, allowing you to interact with your community. Find out where your target market hangs out and what time they’re most active. From there, you can start to post valuable content that’ll entice and engage them. Think about consumer pain points and how you can be useful to potential clients, as this should help to win more business.

Start promoting your accountancy firm effectively online today.

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