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Ensinger has earned a reputation worldwide as an industry leader in the engineering and manufacturing of high-performance plastics. They are a German-based, family-owned enterprise that has grown to employ over 2,700 industry experts. They have 35 international production and sales locations across the globe and are well-known for providing innovative and customised solutions for their clients.

Since 2006, New Zealand’s own Supply Services Limited has acted as their exclusive distributor to industries across the country in applications such as aerospace, construction, food & beverage, mechanics, medicine, oil, gas, and so much more. Supply Services and Ensinger work together in a symbiotic relationship to ensure the supply and manufacture of the highest quality products for our NZ industries.

Expertise & Traceability

Ensinger has decades of experience behind them in the applications of engineering plastics, development, and production. They have collected numerous ISO certifications and work within stringent quality standards to ensure exceptional products and delivery every time. Their material specialists work tirelessly on customised requests for the creation and design of specific plastic components. They offer high-quality semi-finished products from over 100 different types of plastics and can develop a multitude of special materials according to customers’ demands.

The combination of their employees’ expertise and the wide range of in-house machinery at their disposal means they can handle everything from small production quantities of delicate pieces to large scale volumes of bulk parts. No matter how big or small your request, Ensinger will certainly have the expertise to get it done.

Industries across New Zealand have benefitted from the many advantages that come with Ensinger’s precision-engineered high-performance plastics. In many cases, Ensinger’s plastic materials have successfully replaced ineffective or malfunctioning metals or ceramics in clients’ expensive machinery. Ensinger engineering plastics and thermoplastic polymers are chosen for their high-performance properties, unique applications, and their reputation of proven production techniques. Therefore, these plastics often provide the only alternative when it comes to the implementation of unusual technical applications, making them a true pacemaker for innovation in every key industry.

Where Can You Find Ensinger Products In NZ?

For those looking to buy an Ensinger product in New Zealand, look to Supply Services Limited. Supply Services Limited boasts excellent technical in-house support and a direct, close relationship with Ensinger to share their expertise on new applications or troubleshooting for product solutions. These companies work together to resolve complex customer issues and have ultimately designed and manufactured hundreds of unbeatable engineering and high-performance plastic components for all of NZ’s vital industries.

Supply Services Limited stocks most of Ensinger’s semi-finished stock shape products in their three branches across New Zealand (Mt Maunganui, Auckland, and Christchurch), and they can, with short lead times, air freight custom specials for large NZ manufacturers who need their products urgently.

As part of their service, Supply Services Limited can supply their customers with cut-to-size plastic from their stock shapes, or they can work with them from start to finish, specifying a material, designing the part, cutting it to size, and finally, expertly shaping it to perfection using CNC machining. Furthermore, all their products are QA checked before leaving their establishments, so you can rest easy knowing you will receive a part that is fully compliant with stringent quality standards and is made-to-last.

Find Your Perfect Part Today

Supply Services Limited and Ensinger work together to ensure they always deliver cutting-edge products that keep New Zealand industries moving. To find out more about Supply Services Limited’s vast stock holdings of Ensinger plastics, contact their friendly team of technical solution specialists today to discuss your application requirements.

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