How the SAP system works and what it is?

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SAP is a software product that can help companies and businesses be able to manage their human resource, their finances, logistics, and other important business areas. SAP system is an example of a resource planning system that makes business processes run smoothly, to be automated, and to be safe. Now, the SAP system has evolved and it is now supporting very complex business tasks. Before you think of incorporating the sap ams system into your business or company processes, you must first try to understand what the system is and how it works.

The SAP architecture

The first thing that you should try to understand is the SAP system architecture. Knowing how the SAP system works and knowing its components can help you understand its architecture. There are many SAP software components out there and the first one is the SAP ERP. There are also other business applications such as CRM and the SRM among others. When you think of the SAP system, you should immediately reflect on the three-tier architecture. It can be the server or the client. For flexibility and high scalability, the three-tier system is recommended.

How the SAP system works

Another important thing to know before you implement the SAP system is how the system works. After knowing the components of the Sap system, understanding the working process of the system will be beneficial. The kernel of the SAP is always located in the application tier. The application data is the receiver of the data and then displays it to the presentation tier. The data is then stored in the database tier.

His simply means, the request will always come from the presentation tier and the request is then analyzed keenly by the dispatcher. The dispatched will then pass the information to the message. It is in the message process that it will be decided whether the data should be processed or whether it needs forwarding to a different instance. Learning of the sap ams process work is very important especially for those using the process and those thinking of using it.


Understanding how SAP works can be difficult considering there is some technicality in the system. A good provider should try to explain the all process in a way that is simplified. It is only understood the process that will help you know if the SAP system will work.

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