Inside the Mind of Daniel Shin: Renowned Investor & Entrepreneur

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Daniel Shin founded and operates as the co-CEO at PortOne, an innovation in the world of payment processing in Asia. One of the goals of the company is to help empower commerce partners throughout Asia so that they can find success and, ultimately, growth.

Before his work with PortOne, Shin developed a resume replete with big names, including Ticket Monster, Team Blind, NBT Partners, and 82 Labs. Now a renowned success in his particular corner of the investing world, Shin has been more than happy to share the tips, secrets, and trades that have led to his success.

Starting the Right Way

Beginning the day correctly can determine a whole lot about how the rest of your day develops. For Daniel Shin, a mindset that embraces quality over quantity has always been the right choice in his personal and professional life.

To find prolonged success, Shin has had to train himself to take on only a few priority projects when he begins his day. By reducing his workload at this juncture of the day, Shin can make better decisions while thinking them through more effectively.

Shin admits, “My typical day used to be bogged down with calls and meetings. That led to a schedule that stressed quantity over quality, leaving many decisions to be made without due time and thinking.”

For his part, Shin believes in a slow-and-steady approach that invokes more of a marathon mindset than that of a sprint. With that being said, Shin understands that it is important to take moments out of the journey to appreciate where you’re going and how far you’ve come.

Shin says, “I’d like to tell myself that there is more to life. Take the time to have lots of fun along the way!”

Sharpening His Mindset

Daniel Shin understands that progressive solutions require a sharpened mind that has been updated with new ideas and concepts reasonably regularly. To do this, Shin understood he would have to surround himself with the right team.

Shin says, “Surround yourself with talented, like-minded people who can add passion to your life and help execute your ideas.”

When it comes time to add people to a team, Shin thinks it is essential to do your due diligence. Shin says, “You are only as happy as the people you surround yourself with. You are only as successful as the people you work with.”

When he’s not working with software or developing concepts with his team, Shin is diving deep into books that stimulate his mind, including Ride of a Lifetime by Bob Iger. Shin said of the book, “It’s exciting to read about Bob’s leadership, as well as how Disney built such a unique company based on unique principles.”

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