Learn Why Omnichannel Communications Platforms Transform Your Customer Relationships

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Businesses today need to connect with customers everywhere.

Customers engage with brands on multiple channels, from social media to websites to in-store cashiers. Their interactions – purchases, customer service inquiries, and page surfing – are all a part of their experience with your brand.

Customers are using an omnichannel approach to interact with brands. As a result, brands need to respond with an omnichannel engagement strategy if they want to build and deepen relationships with their customers. Communicating across channels with personalization, knowledge of customer history and high-value engagements demands an omnichannel software platform.

With the right platform, like industry leader Mitto’s solution, your brand can connect with customers where they are, when they’re engaging, and on every device.

Why Omnichannel Communication Matters

Consumer expectations of the brands they use have never been higher. They expect brands to know what they’ve purchased, what engagements they’ve had and the outcomes of those interactions.

It doesn’t matter if some of those engagements were in-person and others were online. It makes no difference if some of those interactions were with a chatbot, an in-person sales rep, or an online chat with a customer service person.

No matter where your customers are, they want to be able to engage with your brand consistently and with no knowledge gaps. They expect brands to inform, educate, and engage with them,

The door is open for brands to drive meaningful engagements. Omnichannel marketing and communications can take on many forms. The key is to have an omnichannel software solution that allows for campaigns to be created, executed, and tracked across multiple touchpoints.

SMS, Chatbots, and Social Media Key Connections

Imagine you’re an omnichannel e-commerce company. You want a strategy that drives people back to your website, gives them reminders and news, and provides them with value that deepens a relationship.

Here’s a closer look at three key elements to include in your omnichannel strategy.

SMS messaging is a critical element of your outreach. People today are constantly on their smartphones, so text messages are a smart way to connect.

SMS allows you to easily convey key messages, along with links that drive readers to your website. Today, the best omnichannel platforms can help you customize and personalize these messages, delivering key information at the moment of need.

Social media apps are another key way to reach out to both existing and potential customers. Once you’ve determined the apps that are most used by your customers, outreach campaigns can target them with timely, relevant messages.

Chatbots fueled by artificial intelligence are a great way to answer questions, direct customers and solve problems, freeing up customer service staff for more complex queries.

There are numerous applications for your omnichannel communications solution. The ideal solution allows you to accomplish key tasks, including:

  • Sales and Marketing. Look for a platform that lets you segment audiences, customize omnichannel messaging, and track customer interactions while delivering high conversion and engagement rates
  • Customer Engagement. Reach customers where they are in their sales journey with reminders, notifications, product recommendations, appointment reminders, news, and feedback on the channels they use
  • Customer Support. Improve response times and customer satisfaction with responsive tools that answer customer questions quickly and accurately
  • Security and Privacy. Protect customers from fraudulent activity with a solution that has multi-layered security, including two-factor authentication or one-time passcodes.

What to Look for in an Omnichannel Platform

When you’re ready to select an omnichannel software platform, be sure to consider the following:

  • What channels are offered and whether your brand uses those channels
  • User-friendly features and strong customer service support to help your employees maximize the platform
  • Integration with existing systems, including CRM, sales management, and marketing
  • Customized roadmap and support in installation, training, and launch

An omnichannel system can be a game-changer for your business. Look for a solution that enhances your ability to connect with customers on every channel.

Learn more about Mitto’s omnichannel software solution and how it can advance your relationships with customers.

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