Low- Or No-Maintenance Industrial Machinery

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Industrial manufacturing is at a crossroads where the cost of maintaining outdated equipment is becoming unsustainable. This infographic vividly illustrates the financial burden of equipment downtime and the transformative potential of adopting low- or no-maintenance machinery.

With equipment downtime costing U.S. factories an astronomical $50 billion annually, the stakes have never been higher. On average, equipment downtime costs companies $260,000 per hour, and scheduled maintenance consumes 19 hours per week, indicating significant inefficiencies.

The infographic also explores innovative solutions like clamp on ultrasonic flow meters, advanced control systems with IIoT capabilities, AI-driven predictive maintenance, and augmented reality monitoring software. These technologies not only reduce the need for frequent maintenance but also enhance the overall reliability and efficiency of industrial operations.

As the infographic demonstrates, embracing these advancements can lead to substantial cost savings, improved productivity, and a robust competitive advantage. Continue on to this visual guide for a compelling case on modernizing industrial maintenance practices and investing in state-of-the-art machinery.

Low- Or No-Maintenance Industrial Machinery was provided by Emerson

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