Shelton J. Haynes Works to Foster a Safe and Vibrant Roosevelt Island

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Shelton J. Haynes, the esteemed CEO and President of the Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation (RIOC) is dedicated to creating a safe and vibrant community on Roosevelt Island. His unwavering commitment to the island’s residents has led to numerous improvements and initiatives that have transformed Roosevelt Island into a thriving neighborhood in New York City’s heart.

Shelton Haynes Remarkable Leadership

Under Haynes’ astute leadership, Roosevelt Island has witnessed a remarkable resurgence. Several projects have been completed to enhance the island’s infrastructure and amenities, such as renovating the historic Blackwell House, restoring Southpoint Park Shoreline, and replacing the Seawall Railing. Additionally, the Roosevelt Island Youth Center, Sportspark Complex, and the FDR Hope Memorial have all undergone significant renovations, enriching the island’s recreational and cultural offerings.

Notably, Shelton Haynes has been instrumental in securing funding for the Riverwalk Building 9 project, a significant development that will further improve the island’s residential offerings. Haynes has successfully revitalized Roosevelt Island through these initiatives, shedding light on its hidden beauty and potential.

RIOC Has Big Goals

Before leading RIOC, Haynes served as the Chief Operating Officer at the Housing Authority of DeKalb County in Georgia. His expertise overseeing agency operations and strategic initiatives has translated into effective leadership at RIOC. Today, Haynes remains focused on projects and initiatives that directly impact the Roosevelt Island community, with an unwavering commitment to making the island one of the safest communities in New York City.

Haynes introduced a comprehensive 10-Point Public Safety Plan for Roosevelt Island to achieve this goal. One of the critical elements of this plan is the completion of upgrades to the island-wide security camera system. With an investment of over $50,000, the upgraded camera system boasts enhanced capabilities, including integration with the FBI and New York Police Department’s camera systems, advanced video analytics, license plate recognition, and hardened cybersecurity measures.

These security enhancements serve three critical purposes. First, they empower law enforcement to respond to and investigate crimes more efficiently, making the island safer for its residents. Second, the upgraded camera system is a strong deterrent against criminal activities, further enhancing public safety. Lastly, the measures provide a sense of security and peace of mind to the entire community, fostering a supportive and cohesive neighborhood.

Besides bolstering security measures, Haynes is equally committed to addressing pressing community concerns. The 10-Point Public Safety Plan includes initiatives to combat bullying, increase targeted Public Safety Department presence in high-activity areas, and enhance youth services on the island.

Vision For Leadership

Through a newly formed Island Stabilization Team, foot patrols are strategically deployed to address areas that require increased attention. By collaborating with school leadership, NYPD, and other stakeholders, the plan aims to foster a safe and inclusive environment for the island’s youth, addressing bullying and social media engagement.

Shelton Haynes’ vision and leadership have sparked a renaissance on Roosevelt Island. His dedication to fostering a safe and vibrant community has led to transformative improvements and initiatives revitalizing the island. With a keen focus on public safety, Haynes’ 10-Point Plan has laid the foundation for a more secure and united neighborhood. As the CEO and President of RIOC, he continues to shape Roosevelt Island into a welcoming and flourishing community, inspiring others to invest in the well-being of their neighborhoods.

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