The Advantages Of Using Fiberglass Enclosures

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For businesses that deal with a range of electrical components, protecting them is the primary motive. Electrical equipment is vulnerable to wear and tear, thereby a reliable solution is the need of the hour. Several businesses and organizations are considering fiberglass enclosures to protect sensitive electrical devices and components. This eliminates causing serious damages to the property and also prevents work delays in businesses.

Shielding range of business equipment pieces

Similar to businesses that manage electrical devices, enclosures also play a vital role in water management businesses. Several valuable pieces of equipment are in use and need to be protected as well. The water management equipment is sensitive, and there seems a no better solution than shielding them with fiberglass enclosures. The versatility and durability of fiberglass make it the top-notch product to be used in enclosures year after year.

What are fiberglass enclosures?

The use of fiberglass enclosures is encouraged in corrosive applications for chemical resistance. With pressure and heat, the fiberglass is molded and reinforced with polyester resin so that it can handle dangerous properties that other products fail to handle. The best part about fiberglass covers is that apart from managing hazardous chemicals, they can also operate both indoors and outdoors. Thanks to its robust, and strong frame for handling extreme temperatures with ease.

Fiberglass enclosures versus polycarbonate enclosures

When fiberglass enclosure and polycarbonate enclosures are compared, the former is way ahead in almost every category. Polycarbonate enclosures are advised not to operate in situations that deal with organic environments and solvents, especially under direct sunlight. On the other hand, fiberglass with a wide temperature range (-40oC to 121oC) and electrical properties can withstand loads. Furthermore, it is also perfect for environments that are corrosive, or wet, and can handle impact from external sources. Fiberglass enclosures are cost-effective as well concerning replacement or repair. Considering the perks of fiberglass, it is a preferred choice among businesses.

A wide range of applications

One of the primary reasons for using fiberglass enclosures is the versatility it offers. Unlike other products, fiberglass enclosures offer a wide range of applications. No matter what the storage needs are, a fiberglass enclosure seems to suit everything. Starting from wastewater sampling stations, emergency safety showers, and chlorination of buildings, can all be set up inside a fiberglass enclosure. Considering a fiberglass enclosure assures a reliable cabinet that functions for storage, safety, and protection of equipment and appliances.

Heat and impact-resistant

Unlike any other material used as an equipment shelter, fiberglass seems to be an excellent option. Fiberglass cabinets can protect the enclosed equipment under the most extreme possible conditions. The best part is that fiberglass is heat and impact-resistant, making it to be the ideal material to be used in the safety and security of everything important. One mustn’t miss out that fiberglass enclosures can be installed with a wide range of ventilation systems, assuring extra protection to the equipment. One cannot go wrong with a fiberglass cabinet as it renders impeccable strength and resistance to heat and impact.

Quick installation

In every industry, time is the most valuable aspect. Too much time cannot be spared for installing an enclosure halting the business operation. The highlighting feature about fiberglass cabinets is that they need little time for the installation process. Since the cabinets are already pre-fabricated, it eliminates the construction time. The installation procedure only demands securing the cabinet to a pre-established slab, saving time, and energy. Choosing a fiberglass enclosure is the best solution when a business is looking for an easy, hassle-free, and quick installation.

Utmost equipment protection and safety

For protecting sensitive and important electrical components and water management elements, there is no better solution than considering a fiberglass enclosure. It is versatile, heat and impact-resistant, and a preferred choice for a wide range of applications. To employ fiberglass enclosures, seeking the help of a professional is a  smart decision. Enclosures play a key role in the business operations to function as smoothly as possible. One can easily defend the business equipment with fiberglass enclosures.

Why do people prefer fiberglass enclosures?

There are multiple reasons for choosing fiberglass enclosure over other products, especially for protecting electrical components, and sensitive water management appliances. When compared with other products, fiberglass is stronger than sheet metal, safer for installation in hazardous areas, and is also highly resistant to rust, corrosion, heat, and impact. Several other reasons play a vital role in its preference over other products.

Freedom in designing

Fiberglass enables engineers with a wide array of possibilities, because of the freedom to mold designs. Experts can develop visually attractive products with robust and long-lasting fiberglass. It is also possible to convert a multi-piece fiberglass part into one piece.


When compared to steel, fiberglass has lower expenses when it is concerned with warranty work and maintenance. Furthermore, storing and shipping fiberglass is also low, since it is lightweight, and is also impact-resistant.

Enticing appearance

When a fiberglass enclosure is used to cover electrical appliances or other sensitive components used in businesses, it improves the function of the products. Moreover, the feel and look of the finished cabinet appear like a high-tech item.

Resistance to moisture

One of the highlighting benefits of using a fiberglass enclosure is its moisture-resistant feature. Since fiberglass doesn’t absorb or hold water/moisture, it is excellent for electrical enclosures. In case the insulation gets wet, fiberglass can be dried, cleaned, and restored to its original value.

Environmentally friendly

The fiberglass insulation manufacturing industry is known for using green products. A high quantity of recycled materials is used in the creation of fiberglass, thereby eliminating environmental degradation during the manufacturing process.


Over the years, the use of fiberglass enclosure has gained immense popularity across business sectors. Because of its wide applications, and myriad benefits, the majority of businesses prefer using fiberglass enclosures for protecting and safeguarding their electrical appliances. Fiberglass enclosures have proved to be more effective and heat-resistant than other available solutions. It has become the perfect choice to be used both indoor and outdoor in business establishments across the globe.

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