Tips to Supercharge Your New Student Registration and Enrollment

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Meandering through the halls of institutions of higher learning while waiting for hours and hours for application forms is no longer an option for students. The post-pandemic world is not the world of paper-based student enrolment and registration. These processes for an educational institution are obsolete because they are too time-consuming and inefficient. So let’s make this post-pandemic world focus on the latest, most efficient, user-friendly, reliable, and quickest technologies by discussing upgrading the process of registering students.

Continue reading to understand the reason for three must-have technologies for your student registration. Here is the eSignature solution for the education industry.

4 ways to ensure smooth registration for new students

This is the right time and place to start digitalizing educational institutions and the entire sector. So, join the trend of high productivity, cost-saving, and labor-saving business development processes.

How about moving the registration and enrolment process online? Below are some steps you can take:

  1. Conducting virtual tours: Before the registration and enrolment of students, many of the most reputable colleges and schools conduct open sessions for prospective students so they can get to know the city and institute’s campus.

After the Covid19-pandemic, it would be beneficial for students’ health to host a virtual walkthrough of the place or institution. The portal could host interactive sessions where applicants can speak to current students and staff about their experiences.

  1. Online interview and counseling: To reduce the risk, in place of face-to-face interactions, schools and colleges can conduct a video interview of the student.
  2. Easy registration, notice, and information sharing via an online platform:With a paper-free online registration process, you can complete the whole admission process online with minimal paper usage. Integrating your portal with Signeasy API will allow students to eSign their forms and directly send in their completed forms. The school/college can quickly and easily circulate the notice without much effort with an eSignature on them.
  3. Update the date and time of the interview and meeting.
  4. Update the merit list of selected students.

iii. Update the waiting list of students.

  • Admission confirmation of students and so on.

Students and parents can confirm their acceptance without stepping onto the institute’s premises.

  • Enrolment confirmation and online fee payment: With the digitalization of businesses and the acceptance of online payments, it’s simply a matter of time before educational institutes start accepting online payments and completing the registration process online. Before selecting integrated online software, look at its ability to integrate with banks, payment gateways, and digital payment systems. Our system will ultimately save time, money, and paper.

Why choose Signeasy for new student registration?

Signeasy makes the application process smooth and hassle-free for admins and students.

A recent survey shows that there has been a hike of  3733%  in the usage of eSignature solutions for student admission tasks. This rise includes using Signeasy eSignature solutions, from filling out admission forms to the student loan document process.

Here are five reasons to choose Signeasy for your new student registration paperwork eSignature:

  1. Hassle-free experience: The applicant can get their application signed and paperwork completed without using a printer. Just a few clicks and you are done.
  2. Boosts employee productivity: Handling student applications can be an intense job for staff members when sending and receiving documents via mobile phone apps. They also have to keep their desktop handy to check on documents. This allows staff to reuse and temporarily save templates of commonly used forms. This also allows the team to work more efficiently by reducing the time spent per application form.
  3. Keeps a digital record: Signeasy keeps a record of every signed document on the cloud. You can access it anytime from anywhere when needed for student registration.
  4. Real-time update: Staff can quickly check the registration status at any time and stage of the process. Shen an application is completed, you get automatically notified.
  5. Affordability: After signup, you get a 14-day free trial of Signeasy. After 14 days, if you wish to continue, you can pay $12 per month.

New student registration? Fast track your eSignature journey with signeasy. Log in for a free trial, or click here to sign up for free.

Expedite paperwork to enhance the academic experience

In the current educational system, 69% of educators agree that paperwork hampers the teaching part of their job. They have to spend an excessive amount of time on  paperwork. That’s why switching to an electronic signature would be essential to improve paperwork by making it easier and faster.

Streamline operations across departments

With the help of eSignature, educators can reduce the significant amount of paperwork they are forced to deal with, from recruiting educators to student application processing and new student admissions. This improves educators’ teaching standards, research work, etc., and simplifies student processes.

Empowering students with the convenience of eSignature, to complete their forms from anywhere at any time offers relief from complex paperwork systems. Signeasy eSignature solution offers a complete package for digital paperwork, from signing documents to editing pdfs for students and educational institutions.

Improve communication with guardians

With electronic signatures, the standard time of creating a physical document and then communicating with the parents or guardians of students are significantly reduced. Digital documents allow the educator to stay connected with parents and guardians, who are necessary for a better educational experience.

Reduce costs

eSignature and digital documentation help reduce the cost of printing, copying, couriers, maintaining records, etc. When these long slow processes are replaced with quick digital processes, institutions like universities, schools, and colleges will save money and improve productivity.

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