Workplace Investigation Timeline

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With many organizations and their employees preferring a hybrid workplace model, the handling of employee relations issues has changed. The need for digital communication in previous years made it imperative for organizations to be able to handle these issues without being present in the workplace. That isn’t to say that in-person techniques don’t remain effective, nor that they can’t be translatable to remote environments. However, being as though most remote work will be done much less interpersonally than in the office, it can be easy for HR professionals to overlook important details about a transgression. Unfortunately, this can breed feelings of neglect or disrespect in employees who don’t feel as though their employer is looking out for their best interest. However, with human resource solutions in place, employers can ensure that every employee receives the care they deserve. While these platforms serve as excellent HR tools, they aren’t foolproof. Being prepared to handle any investigation is still a necessary step in the HR process. To be prepared for those moments, be sure to check out the resource paired alongside this post.

Workplace Investigation Timeline from HR Acuity, a company offering a premier in case management tracking system

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