Yubo Transforms Social Media World; New App Gives Parents and Teens Opportunities

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In the era of social media, instant communication and fun online interactions are the norm, no matter the time of day or night. From image-based social media platforms like Instagram to live-feed-based social media applications like Twitch, there is seemingly something for everyone which might explain the meteoric rise of Yubo, a Gen Z social media platform based in Paris.

Yubo seemingly appeared out of nowhere as it caught attention in 2015, rising in recent years to become one of the top social media platforms in the industry for Gen Z users.

In addition to finding popularity among its younger users, Yubo has become the social media platform of choice for parents looking for a social media platform for their children.

Let’s explore Yubo, what makes it great, and how the platform came about.

Meet Yubo: Social Media Built in Paris

Yubo first originated out of the ether in 2015, coming to life as a social discovery app that sought to find its niche in the crowded world of social media. Targeting users ages 13 to 25, Yubo seeks to give its user base the ability to chat, live stream, share videos, and connect in the ways that make the most sense to them.

Since Yubo’s inception, it has seen more than 60 million users join the website across 140 countries around the world. Throughout it all, the live streaming feature continues to operate as Yubo’s leader in attracting new customers, showing the importance of instantaneous connection.

At the time of this writing, Yubo has seen more than 10 billion messages shared across its platform, which underscores the importance of its ability to connect young adults.

How Does Yubo Help Parents With Social Media

Social media is an interesting struggle for parents and children to battle with. Connecting online is important as a part of our social development, but making it safe is more important.

To utilize a Yubo account, users must verify their age to gain access to the platform. Yubo utilizes AI and age estimation software to help the process along, leaning on an algorithm to accomplish the task. According to the team at Yubo, the technology that they are using has nearly a 98.9% accuracy rate.

What Are People Saying About Yubo?

Reviews have been wide and far-ranging about what users find most appealing about the Yubo platform. Most users focus on how easy it is for Yubo to connect with individuals sharing mutual passions or interests. User tags help to guide users as they look for ways to connect in the new digital space.

In addition to connecting individuals with shared interests, Yubo also makes it easy to connect in a variety of different ways, from messaging, video chatting, and even live streaming. A plethora of opportunities await users who are looking to engage in their way.

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